Sally Asquith

Transformational Breath Facilitator and Workshop Leader

My path into Transformational Breath was somewhat unexpected.   I joined the Army Royal Signals from school and served as a technician for close to 6 years.  After returning to civvy street I found my next career move in motorsport where I managed engineering programs for 8 years. In 2018 I was fortunate enough to be allocated a place in the London marathon but could not even run to the end of the road at the time.  I attended a Transformational Breath® workshop in the hopes that it would help me to breathe better which I hoped would allow me to run better.  That workshop may not have turned me into an athlete but it certainly changed my life.

From that initial weekend I have since travelled the world to complete the training.  Along the way I have been taught by the best Transformation Breath® senior trainers in the UK, Holland, Italy and Turkey including the founder of Transformational Breath® herself Judith Kravitz.  I am now qualified as a  Group Leader  and am on the trainer path to become a Senior Trainer.

Knowing how much breathwork has transformed my own life I knew that it would benefit others in the military community and so alongside my work with Simply Breathtaking I created the charity Breathing in Peace which is dedicated to offering breathwork knowledge to our veterans and the serving military community, proactively reaching the veterans of our future and their families.  

Whoever you are, whatever you do I know that you will benefit from breathing better and like me you might be pleasantly surprised.

Check out the links page to visit Breathing in Peace’s website for more information.